Who We Are

Philippi Trust is dedicated to providing counselling and counselling training to all peoples of South Africa. Also to train facilitators to provide psycho-social support to orphans and vulnerable children.

Although Philippi Trust South Africa holds to the same Core Counselling Model and values, the format of training was adjusted to meet local needs. More emphasis was given to HIV/AIDS, Vulnerable Children and Abuse of woman in our communities. It is our goal in Philippi to show respect and help people to find their God given purpose.

Our Philosophy

  • The Trust believes in the unconditional acceptance of all people in need of training and counselling. Irrespective of race, gender, disability, age, sexuality, culture or religion.
  • Based on the bible verse, Philippians 2,1-7, our aim is “to help and to serve”.
  • The mission of Philippi Trust is to provide affordable and accessible professional counselling and counselling training to both church and community.

Our Values

  • Accountability and Integrity
  • Respect for all people
  • A life-long culture of learning
  • Responsibility
  • Service before self



Rev. Malcolm Worsley, Founder

The founder of Philippi Trust, Rev. Malcolm Worsley CQSW, Dip.S.Studies, was born in Preston, United Kingdom, and is a qualified Social Worker.He has over 30 years of experience in Christian Counselling and ten years working experience as a Probation Officer. He has a wealth of experience in dealing with the complexities of human behaviour and child abuse. He has also founded a series of houses for the homeless in the Midlands, UK.

Prior to his retirement Malcolm was the International Director of Philippi Trust and travelled widely in the UK and abroad. His training in Social Work has brought a professionalism to his seminars, and his own experiences give deep insight into the power of God in restoring and healing. He was a founder member on the Board of Association for Christian Counsellors in the UK and is an ordained mininster in the Church of England.

Chantal Philander, Director

Chantal Philander first came into contact with Philippi Trust in 1995, when she attended a Counselling Course in the UK sponsored by YWAM. One year later, along with Linda Rowett, she was prayerfully looking to establish a Philippi Trust Counselling and Training base in Western Cape South Africa. This had the full support of the Trustees and Founder of Philippi in the UK. Chantal is a qualified Counsellor and Trainer with over 16 years experience with Philippi Trust. She is a valued member of Philippi International made up of members from the UK, Guernsey, Germany, Namibia, Ireland and the USA.

“I am very honoured to be part of the Philippi Team who serve to make a different.”

Nomazibulo Noma Mbusi, Trainer

Nomazimbulo started working for Philippi Trust SA in April 2008 as an ETA (Enhanced Treatment Adherence) Supporter. In July 2008 she became an ETA Supervisor and a back-up Counsellor at Ikhwezi Clinic. In June 2009, Nomazibulo became an ETA coordinator and in April 2011, Nomazibulo coordinated both TB and HIV in six facilities of the Eastern Sub-District.

In April 2012 Nomazimbulo became a trainer for Philippi Trust SA until present and in 2014 her focus was extended to train in Eastern Cape in Idutywa with the aim to develop and build counsellors all over South Africa. Nomazimbulo now coordinates the Eastern Cape Training.

“I feel blessed when I see the development in our country as I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. By God’s grace we will be able to reach more communities.”

Sikelela Dlamini, NLP Practitioner

Sikelela Dlamini is an NLP Practitioner; that holds a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee USA. He majored in personality theories, human growth and development, counselling theories and techniques, psychopathology, lifestyle/career development, and human sexuality. He trained as a Counselling Psychologist with Bradley Cleveland Services for one year; an agent that provided specialized support and services to clients with chronic psychopathological issues (mainly schizophrenia and autism) and other physical limitations.

He then moved on to work for CSAAC, a community school of Maryland for children with autism for two years, as a behaviour specialist and special school education teacher. His primary responsibilities were to write/develop behaviour modification programs and educational programs. He also had to coordinate the implementation of these programs and write proposals to the state of Maryland on behalf of CSAAC’s clients for state funding.

When he came back to Southern Africa he worked for Sidzandzane Consultancy in Johannesburg. An eclectic consultancy that concentrated mainly on providing training and educational services on diverse professional and community issues. The company’s main function at that time was writing sort skills training manuals and providing workshops for them. Our main client was the department of Education North West Province South Africa.

He then relocated to Swaziland to and founded the first autism centre in country called Râphâh Autism Centre. He worked very closely with the Department of Education of Swaziland and CANGO Swaziland. CANGO is the mother board of all NGOs in Swaziland. He later facilitated the establishment of another Autism centre in Kitengela a small town in Kenya. He also coordinated the founding of Limbigani Foundation (a NGO in Malawi, Euthini) and managed their donor relations in 2007. He joined Philippi Trust SA in February 2017. Mr Dlamini has over 15 years of successful working experience with and for NGOs.

A tribute to Malcolm Worsley, December 2015 from Anelia Coetzee, current Chairperson, Philippi Trust South Africa

 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind! (2 Timothy 1:7).

Malcolm’s life embellished 2 Timothy 1:7.  He did not fear to serve God or to be a servant to people, more or less able in whatever means than himself, in order to serve God.  He served with wisdom and righteousness.   Serving provided him power, love and a sound mind and made him to turn around 360 degrees.  He met Jesus through his childhood hurts and addiction that followed, he overcame all of that to such an extent that he could enjoy a good glass of Pinotage.  He did not fear.

He did not know how to show love and when an elderly woman held him and cradled him, he started to share love with mankind.  Yet, he never took anything for granted, but paid attention to detail: He waited on the Lord and after conviction of his spirit by the Spirit, went forth to be Philippi Trust’s shepherd. He demonstrated love and compassion.  Thank you, Malcolm, for shepherding us.  Thank you, Lord, for grace, abundance and contentment.

Theo Beukes,

First Chairperson

Philippi Trust South Africa 1998

To call Malcolm a dear friend would be a total understatement.  He was a true spiritual father and not just a spiritual mentor to me.  Therefore it was easy to identify and experience the drenching of the Holy Spirit through him.  His humbleness is still something I pursue.  Even when he talked about being content with his condition it made a major change in my attitude to my recover process after all my setbacks.  And I know what his response would be ‘To our God all the glory’.  I just want to thank Jennifer for all the love, care and support she gave Malcolm so he could pursue God’s purpose for his life.  It made it possible to deposit in more than just my life. 

Love and greetings.


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