About Philippi's Counselling

Everyone in need of help is welcome to visit Philippi Trust.

We at the Philippi Trust provide a wide range of counselling services at our head office in Somerset West, as well as at various venues across the Cape Metropole.

We have a strict selection process for all our trained counsellors, to ensure that we offer a safe professional service to individuals in the situations that face them. Our counsellors are focussed to assist each person to adjust, adapt, and heal through counselling.

Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes and costs R250. We believe our cost per session is more affordable than other similar services, however subsidies are available where a tariff is negotiated according to a person’s income to ensure we can accommodate everyone that applies for counselling.

All communication with the counsellor remains confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone without the client’s permission. Disclosure would only be done if it perceived that you are a danger to self or others. No other information will be disclosed unless it is with your written permission.

All our counsellors receive regular supervision from a registered therapist, to ensure that all our clients receive the best care. During supervision all information is kept confidential and the anonymity of all clients are maintained.

What Happens During a Counselling Course?

The number of times you meet with the counsellor will be negotiated and worked out between you and the counsellor during your first session. During the session you describe the problem to the counsellor, and through exploring your situation with the counsellor a different perspective of your situation may arise. This helps you to decide what path or process to take next and how to overcome your situation from an internal or inner point of view.

Philippi Trust counsellors do not give advice, try to persuade you, or impose their beliefs on you. Rather he or she listens, empathises and facilitates you coming to your own decision or solution.

Who are our Counsellors?

Our counsellors are:

  • All professionally trained Christian counsellors
  • From all denominations.
  • Given regular and ongoing training to maintain the highest of standards possible.
  • Receive regular supervision and work to the Code of Ethics and Practice of the Association of Christian Counsellors.
Chantal Philander, Counselling Coordinator

How do I Receive Counselling?

Counselling takes place via appointment only. To arrange for an application form you are welcome to phone +27 (0) 74 181 5488 or download the form below and email the completed application to office@philippitrust.co.za for a confidential assessment.

On receipt of your completed application our counselling manager will determine who will be best able to meet your needs. You will be contacted and an appointment offered.

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